Samsung Galaxy S10+ demolish the competition in DXOMark’s selfie camera test

DXOMark has posted their early look at the selfie camera on the Samsung Galaxy S10+, and reports despite being built into the Infinity-O screen the front-facing camera is still the be best you can get on a smartphone.

Samsung uses several tricks to achieve this. They use a primary 10Mp sensor is combined with a lens that offers a 25mm equivalent focal length and f/1.9 aperture, which is cropped by default to 6.5Mp to create a field of view that is equivalent to 32mm on a full-frame sensor.

It also uses a secondary 8MP depth sensor for simulated bokeh effect.

DXOMark reports skin tones look natural and pleasant, with accurate white balance, wide dynamic range and pleasant overall colour rendering, though some highlight clipping can occur on faces or in the background in high-contrast scenes.

They also note portrait mode is very accurate and offers a realistic bokeh mode, while the front camera flash modes worked very well, offering good target exposure and well-controlled noise levels.

Videos taken by the selfie camera also performed very well, with efficient video stabilization, decent texture/noise balance, with good detail rendering in bright light and under indoor lighting, as well as well-controlled noise levels.

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They conclude:

The Galaxy S10+ is our latest top device for front camera performance and is an easy recommendation for selfie photographers and video shooters alike. The Samsung’s front camera performs well in all areas and doesn’t display any real weaknesses when compared to the direct competition. In stills mode, some highlight clipping can occur in high-contrast scenes, and colors can look a little dull in low light, but otherwise the S10+ does very well in almost any shooting situation. It’s even harder to find any flaws worth mentioning about the Samsung’s video performance, making the Samsung Galaxy S10+ a deserving new front runner in the DxOMark Selfie ranking.

Read their full preview here.