Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s stylus reportedly holding the phone back


10, 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will undoubtedly be the biggest flagship Android handset of the second half of 2019, but in many ways, it lacks groundbreaking features which make other competing devices great, like super-fast charging, completely full-bleed screens or really innovative cameras such as recent Huawei flagship handsets.

According to regular Samsung leaker Ice Universe, this may very well be due to the Note 10’s main differentiating feature – the stylus. He writes:

In short, a Note 10 without a stylus could have a more advanced camera, larger battery and an even bigger screen. Of course, without a stylus, the Note 10 is simply another version of the S10.

The real issue, of course, is that the Note and S series have become increasingly closer in specs and features, with the Note 10 no longer the innovation and experimentation leader that it once was. In truth, the Note 10 should have been Samsung’s first folding phone, and not a completely separate brand for example.

What do our readers think of the issue? Does it still make sense to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, when the S11 will likely have a larger battery and better screen, and be otherwise nearly identical? Let us know below.

via BGR

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