Samsung is producing a special Purple BTS-Edition Galaxy Buds+

by Surur
June 5, 2020
bts samsung galaxy buds+

Evan Blass AKA evLeaks has leaked a new special edition Samsung Galaxy Buds+.

The BTS-Edition Galaxy Buds+ features the special Purple BTS colours and iconography associated with the Korean supergroup.

Previously the truly wireless headphones were only available in Black, White, Cloud Blue and a pretty stunning Red version.

Samsung is also releasing a special Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition which will be launched on July 9. We assume the earphones will be released around the same time.

Samsung tout 22 hours of battery life, 11 from the headset and 11 from the charging case, a claim which has stood up well in reviews.  They also tout improved sound due to dual speakers with woofer and improved phone call quality due to triple microphones, and I think both of those have not been as impressive as hoped.

The full specs can be seen below:

If you are not a BTS fan, the regular colour versions of the headsets can be ordered from Amazon here (Black, White, Cloud Blue, Red).

Via SamMobile

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