In a press release, Samsung Display announced that they will be taking part in the World Information Display Society (SID)’s Display Week, running from the 17th to 21st May 2021.

At the event, the company will be showing off their leadership in OLED screen technology, particular for foldable screens and also under-display cameras.

Under the theme “Better life thru Samsung OLED”, Samsung Display will be showing off the following demo devices.


samsung foldable

The S-Folderable, presented by Samsung Display as a video, is a multi-foldable product that can be folded twice inside and out, confirming the world’s highest OLED technology. The maximum screen size is 7.2″, so you can fold it twice and use it like a smartphone or a tablet when fully unfolded.


A tablet with a 4:3 ratio and a monitor-level large screen when open, this 17-inch product is a differentiated foldable product that offers a PC monitor sized screen while being portable.

Slider (Slide)

While maintaining the shape of the existing smartphone, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of the large screen by expanding the screen in landscape direction, it is usually easy to use and can be used in the size of a smartphone, and when the screen is expanded, it is possible to multitask or watch large screen videos and content.

UPC (Under Panel Camera)

A full-screen technology that minimizes the bezel and maximizes the screen by mounting the front camera on the bezel under the panel on existing IT devices, increasing the transmission rate of the panel where the camera module is located, securing camera functionality.

Some of this technology are expected to show up in Samsung’s smartphones in the near future, with the company expected to release a Z-foldable tablet in early 2022 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 with an under-display camera later this year.

In addition to participating in the “SID 2021” exhibition, Samsung Display actively participates in various categories such as keynote lectures and thesis presentations. Samsung Display, will present 27 articles on a variety of topics, including next-generation luminescent materials and TFT device technology, at SID 2021. All content released in the ‘SID 2021’ online exhibition hall will eventually be available sequentially on the Samsung Display YouTube channel after the SID opening.

via SamMobile