Samsung continues to support Gear VR with free adapter for Galaxy Note 9 buyers

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 may not support the Gear VR normally, but the firm is making sure that users can still us the headset with their newest smartphones.

Samsung will let users who own both a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and a Gear VR with controller pick up a fee USB-C connector by calling 18-00 Samsung.  This is necessitated by the slight size difference between the Galaxy Note 8 (which was supported) and the Note 9, which is 0.1 inches larger.  The adapter helps smooth over the differences, allowing users to make use of the headset unimpeded.

The firm will take about 10 business days to ship it to you once you’ve made your claim an had it validated (you’ll need your Gear VR serial numbers for this. For Samsung owners, that’s their only option as the adapter isn’t sold in stores at the moment.

Hopefully, Samsung debuts a new Gear VR which works with the Note 9 natively as the CES and MWC tradeshows approach early next year.

Via: The Verge