Review: White Xbox Elite Controller is still the best one out there

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A few years ago, Microsoft launched the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. The accessory came in black, featured interchangeable thumbsticks, and even paddles on the back to give gamers a competitive edge. Aspects like sensitivity and feel for each thumbstick were customizable as well. While the device was hailed by many as one of the best controllers on the market, it did have some issues like the grips coming off due to questionable adhesive placement and bumpers which would break easily.

A few months ago, the company launched the white Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and it seems like some of these concerns have been addressed. Not only does the device feature an attractive two-tone design, but the bumpers appear to be made from a thicker plastic. Over the past three months, we’ve been aggressively testing the new white controller and haven’t encountered any problems with an Xbox One X and PC.

The two facets we focused on were the durability of the grips and the bumpers. The controller was kept in a relatively warm room and encountered a lot of sweat and other forms of heat through natural use. Unlike the black Xbox Elite Controller we used as a control, the white controller’s grip didn’t show signs of “bubbling” or coming off. Barring any other issues, it seems like the adhesive problem has been fixed with this model.

The bumpers were the same way. After aggressive usage, they showed no signs of wear or become loose like the black Xbox Elite Controller’s silver ones. As mentioned earlier, the white plastic appears to be slightly thicker than the silver one on the black controller. Either way, it feels robust and it should last longer in our opinion. We didn’t drop the controller or subject it to any other damage tests like that. Keeping a controller clean and protected is necessary for its longevity, especially if you’re spending $150 on it.

Unfortunately, there are still some problems with the white Xbox Elite Controller which were found in the original. It would he helpful to have shorter thumbsticks that are smooth from the top because a lot of gamers prefer that setup. You can buy them from third-party manufacturers like PowerA, but they should come with the package, especially if you’re spending so on a controller.

Secondly, the back paddles provided are too big and it’s harder to hold the controller securely. If you can, buy four small paddles because it’ll minimize the accidental presses. Hopefully, Microsoft will fix this issue when the Xbox Elite Controller’s successor arrives possibly with its next-generation machine in 2020. Having small buttons instead of giant paddles seems like it would be a better choice, similar to how Razer does it.

We’ve tested out Razer controllers and they’re just a little too large and cumbersome to hold. The Xbox Elite Controller fits perfectly in the hands and the software features are the most advanced too when it comes to Xbox One and Xbox One X. The white edition, with its slight changes, makes it the best controller on the market in our opinion right now. Despite the fact that many companies come close, the accessory doesn’t have a true rival at the moment. Maybe that will change in the future, but if you’re looking for the best accessory for your Xbox One or PC, then the white Xbox Elite Controller is the one to get. There’s no doubt about that despite its steep price. Also, keep in mind that this controller doesn’t feature Bluetooth so you need either a computer with built-in technology or an adapter.


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