Review: Taihe Gemini is a portable monitor that takes design inspirations from Microsoft Surface



There are many Chinese companies in the market right now that are dominating most of the tech industry. Some of these companies are working towards bringing better technology at an affordable price and have been successful in doing just that. One such company is Taihe that has recently launched a portable monitor and have raised over $1 million on Kickstarter.

The Gemini monitor is like other monitors in the market, except it’s highly portable allowing users to work on-the-go. The monitor takes the design inspiration from Microsoft Surface and comes with a kickstand on the back to support the unit. On the left side are the various ports including, Type-C and Micro USB port. If you move towards the right side, you will find various buttons manage different functionalities of the device including power, brightness, etc.


As mentioned above, the device takes design inspirations from the Microsoft Surface. It comes with a metal body and has a beautiful aluminium finish. On the front sits the 13-inch display and there’s a kickstand on the back. On the left side are the various ports for connecting the device to a PC, Laptop, Console and even mobile.

On the right are the various buttons for controlling the device. The buttons included will allow users to turn on/off the device, control the volume, brightness and change the settings. The device even comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack (take a note phone manufacturers) for volume output to the speakers.


As mentioned above, the device comes with a lot of connectivity options. With ports for HDMI, Micro USB and Type-C connections, Gemini covers all the popular standards available right now. It also supports connections to almost all kinds of devices and has a headphone jack for when you don’t want to use speakers. We tested the device’s audio output with and without headphones, and for a portable monitor, the sound quality was great. However, you might want to consider external audio devices if you plan to use it with a group of people as the sound is not loud enough.


One of the key highlights of the device is portability and the device sure does live to that. To test just how portable the device is, I decided to take it with me to Australia. With the device weighing less than a kilogram, it was easy to carry it around and since the device also has a battery inside, it was easy to use. However, the device doesn’t have its own processor or hard drive, so you need a source to use it, which in my case was my laptop. In our tests, the battery lasted around 3-4 hrs of continuous use which is decent.

Who should buy it?

The monitor is not for everyone as most people don’t usually need a second screen. However, it does support 1920×1080 resolution so it might be a good option to watch TV shows and Movies while working. This, however, is a perfect accessory for those who use Samsung DeX or Microsoft Continuum as it is highly portable which allows it to be carried around easily. One particular thing that I didn’t like about the device was its menu design which seemed a little 1990s but that’s just nitpicking.

The bottom line is that it might not be the best monitor available in the market but for the price tag, it sure does live up to the expectations. The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign so if you’re interested then you can grab one from Kickstarter.

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