Capcom’s asymmetric multiplayer game Resident Evil Resistance may have only just launched alongside Resident Evil 3, but Resi 3’s protagonist Jill Valentine is not currently available to play as within Resistance… Yet!

On April 17th, the S.T.A.R.S Raccoon City survivor will make her away over to Resident Evil Resistance to co-operatively combat the zombie threat.

There aren’t any extra details on what skills or abilities Jill Valentine will bring to Resident Evil Resistance, although one would imagine her signature combat roll will make the journey over.

Capcom has said that more details on the future of Resident Evil Resistance will be available in the coming weeks. We’re hoping to see more Masterminds, more creatures and more maps.

Resident Evil's Project Resistance Official Trailer - TGS 2019

We’ll have our thoughts on Resident Evil Resistance written up in the next few days.