No Xbox plan for Red Dead Redemption re-release and gamers are furious

August 8, 2023

The hotly-rumored Red Dead Redemption re-release is finally here, but it’s safe to say that not everyone is so thrilled about it.

Launched for Sony’s PlayStation 4 consoles and Nintendo Switch digitally on August 17, Red Dead Redemption will not be a remake or a remaster. Instead, it’s just a re-release of the port with no next-gen version for PlayStation 5, multiplayer mode, or 60 fps support. The physical version is coming on October 13, but with a $50 price tag, gamers are roasting Rockstar’s decision about it. No Xbox or PC release.

As a matter of fact, the 2010’s port is not developed by the Grand Theft Auto makers. Instead, they’ve decided to outsource to Double Eleven Studios, the developer behind the critically-panned Fallout 76 and Crackdown 3. The re-release announcement video on YouTube is being heavily downvoted with over 70% of dislikes ratio up to this writing.

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As you may recall, the public reaction to Rockstar’s release of the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition in 2021 was not particularly positive. This may have led the company to scrap plans to remaster or remake Red Dead Redemption, instead opting for a simpler port that was outsourced to a third-party studio. This was likely seen as a safer option, as it would minimize the risk of another public relations disaster.

Though, Xbox does have backward compatibility, and the game still amazing runs at 4K on Xbox Series X and 1440P on Series S via the Heutchy method.

Unlike most emulators, which use software emulation to recreate the hardware of the original console, the Heutchy Method is performed at the API level. This means that it is implemented in the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles’ operating systems, rather than in a separate emulator program.

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