Razer CEO reveal upcoming updates to the Razer Phone

In a post on Facebook Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has revealed a series of updates coming soon to their gaming focussed smartphone, the Razer Phone.

The handset features the world’s first 5.7 inch 2K 120 Hz screen with Ultramotion technology, which syncs the GPU signals with the screen, similar to NVidia’s gsync technology, preventing lagging or screen tearing,  has 8 GB of RAM, Qualcomm 835 processor, and faster benchmarks than the Samsung Galaxy S8, is powered by a  4000 mAh battery with Qualcomm Quickcharge 4+ (which lets the phone charge to 85% in only one hour) which can offer up to 7 hours of gaming, 12.5 hours of video and 63.5 hours of music and has 64 GB of storage expandable by microSD card.

It also features dual 12-megapixel cameras with seamless fusion for smooth zooming from wide angle to telephoto with a quick pinch on the display and uses a dual-tone flash.

It is this last element which will be receiving the bulk of the coming software improvements.

Over the next few weeks, the handset will soon be getting updates to “shutter speed, low light and many other optimizations”.

A bit later, Razer plans to implement an “instazoom button” which will help users zoom in more easily when using the telephoto lens.

Further improvements planned include 60 fps video recording, portrait mode and speed improvements, expected in Q1 2018 with the Android Oreo update.

The handset is on sale for $699 via Razer’s US and EU stores. Carrier 3 will be selling it in store in UK, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden. It is available online via Razerzone.com in North America, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden and also via Amazon.com in USA.

In USA Razer is partnering with the Microsoft Stores, who will also carry a selection of the exclusive 1337 limited edition Razer phones with a green logo. You can now also buy the handset online via the Microsoft Store here for $699 with free shipping.

via Neowin.net