Quick pad UWP Notepad replacement gets more compact Compact Overlay mode


11, 2018

Quick Pad is a NotePad replacement which is designed to quickly jot down notes.

It offers features such as the ability to use Rich Text and support for emojis, but its main selling point is support for an Always On Top mode via Microsoft’s Compact Overlay API.

This is accessible via a large button in the UI which makes it easy to switch into and out of and allows users to easily collect notes from web pages or applications which do not make it easy to copy and paste information. This much-loved feature is particularly useful when doing research or taking notes.

The app has been updated with acrylic design improvements and has lost the title bar in Compact Overlay mode, making the floating window use up even less real estate.

The useful app is $1.49 and can be found in the Store here.

Quick Pad Pro
Quick Pad Pro
Developer: ATec Solution
Price: Free

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