PowerToys 0.16 with ImageResizer, Window Walker, now available

by Surur
March 31, 2020
Microsoft powertoys for windows 10

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Microsoft has just released version 0.16 of their new PowerToys for Windows 10.

PowerToys is a set of utilities which was introduced by Microsoft first in Windows 95. This was to let users modify some of the trickiest settings without having any knowledge about Windows Registry.

In their latest release, version 0.16, Microsoft has added a number of new and useful Toys.

Image Resizer

ImageResizer used to be part of the original PowerToys collection and allowed users to resize multiple images at the same time, useful when uploading or emailing them for example. The new sizes can either be custom or pre-set.

Window Walker

Windows Walker is an alternative windows switcher which lets you search for the right window instead of alt-tabbing between each one.

File Explorer Preview Pane extensions

Microsoft has added new extensions for File Explorer which lets you preview .md and .svg files.

FancyZone improvements

FancyZone improvements include:

  • Multi-Monitor improvement: Zone flipping switching now works between monitors!
  • Simplified UX: Removed layout hot-swap and flashing due to multi-monitor lacking

There are also unspecified improvements and fixes.

You can download the release at Github here.

Via Neowin

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