‘Play with Arts & Culture’ launches 4 new educational games


26, 2022

Xbox games are fun, but if you are trying to find some new educational games (especially for your kids), Google Arts & Culture Lab has four new games to offer. The good thing about it is that you can access the games by either visiting the g.co/artgames site or playing the games on your Google Arts & Culture app for Android and iOS. Additionally, Google Arts & Culture automatically saves and syncs your High Scores across your devices. So, call a friend and try to have fun as you learn today with these awesome Google Arts & Culture Lab games. 

Geo Artwork

Geo Artwork gif

For arts and artifacts geeks out there, Geo Artwork is the best game to play. Sure, you know the Taj Mahal, Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, Guernica, Sphinx, Machu Picchu, and more. But can you name where they are located? Well, if you think you can, this game will test your knowledge of where these originated from and where historic landmarks and cultural sites are situated. Don’t worry about not giving the exact answer for the locations, though! You’ll still get scores depending on how near your guess is to the location of the item!

3D Pottery

3D pot black and gold body

Pots are one of the most interesting and attractive pieces of artwork. Some of the oldest artifacts are undeniably a thing of beauty, but if you want to recreate them, be prepared for the mess and the cost of the materials needed. Fortunately, those things are not a problem in the 3D Pottery game, which will let you recreate historic pots from across the globe, from aryballus from ancient Peru to an amphora from archaic Greece. Try your best to create the perfect replica, as your score will rely on your work’s accuracy.

Where is Hopper

Where is Hopper game mobile screenshot

For those who have been in the world of Google Arts & Culture before, you might know Hopper the Rockhopper as the mischievous penguin who loves to explore places. Well, he seems to be in trouble now as he’s nowhere to find. Now, it is your mission to find this cute little friend by exploring the cities in Europe. Along the way, you’ll discover and see AI-generated art, historical landmarks, cultural cuisine, and interesting characters. But while you’re enjoying, don’t forget to focus on your main objective to find Hopper!

Guess the Line

Guess the line game screenshot cat drawing

Guess the Line is a game where you could get the chance to play one-on-one with AI. Here, you’ll get cards giving you descriptions that you need to draw yourself, and the machine learning-powered robot will try to guess your work. No need to have the most skillful hand and fingers here as your AI partner will try to do its best to help you win your cards!

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