How to play Google Play Movies and TV shows on your Xbox One

While Microsoft has a built in Movies and TV app for playing media purchased from Microsoft’s stores on your Xbox, people are more likely to purchase content on their phone using either the Google Play Store or iTunes. While you aren’t able to play the latter on your device, you’re able to play Google Play media on your Xbox using Google’s own YouTube app. What many don’t know is that movies purchased from Google’s online content stores are playable online on YouTube and on the firms official YouTube apps either on smart TVs or on consoles like the Xbox.

How to Play Google Play Movies and TV shows on your Xbox One

  1. Open the YouTube app on your Xbox or Xbox One and login to your Google account.
  2. Once logged in, using the sidebar menu, navigate to your library.
  3. There should be a “Purchases” sub-menu under your menu options once
  4. You can now watch purchased or rented videos for as long as they are available on your Xbox.

Microsoft’s Movies and TV app is a valuable utility for Windows users, but its restriction to Windows is a limiter for its attractiveness in an era that relies on Windows less and less for consumer needs. While YouTube’s ubiquity and the Google Play Store’s market penetration makes both perfect apps for building a library of movies that you can play on your Xbox One.

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