Photos of Nokia’s cancelled Metro-themed smart watch leaks

nokia smartwatch 2

Sometimes we report on rumours that never result in products, and in many cases it is because the devices were cancelled on the way to the market.

One such device was Nokia’s rumoured smart watch, which fell by the way side with the sale of its handset division to Microsoft.

Now we have our best look at the device yet, after it leaked via a weibo account in China.

The device appears to have much of the old Nokia style, with a square touch screen and windows phone-like UI. It clearly also had a number of sensors, including an accelerometer.

We learned in June 2015 the device was code-named Moonraker and was set to be launched with the Lumia 930 in 2014.

The Microsoft Moonraker would have supported email, phone calls, messaging, and would even have worked as a phone camera remote control. Facebook and MixRadio integration was also built-in, alongside customizable watch faces and different coloured straps.


More marketing pictures of that doomed device can be seen here.

At present Windows Phone still does not have a native smart watch ie a watch which will run 3rd party applications, with the Microsoft Band having a very different focus.  Would our less active readers have preferred this device over the Band? Let us know below.