Phantom Dust is now available for Xbox One and Windows 10

Update: You can download Phantom Dust for free here. The game just went live for certain regions and it’s slowing rolling out worldwide.

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Phantom Dust is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 tomorrow for free. This is definitely one of the biggest surprises ever because previous rumors indicated that the game would be available for around $20-30 when it launch right before E3 2017. Phantom Dust mixes action and strategy in a new kind of fighting game. After the apocalypse, a small group of humans survived underground. When they finally emerged, they found a world where everyone and everything is covered in something called Phantom Dust. This dust gives people supernatural powers they use for survival. When the underground dwellers come to the surface, they’re covered in the Phantom Dust and their deadly adventure begins.

Phantom Dust features over 200 missions, 300 skills, destructible environments and Xbox Live multiplayer support. The title was truly revolutionary for its time and Microsoft are doing the right thing by bringing it to modern gamers. Here’s hoping it appeals to gamers and sports substantial improvements over the original despite being a port.

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