Partial 64-bit support coming to Windows 10 on ARM soon

Some of the compatibility issues with Windows 10 for ARM is due to its current lack of support for 64-bit apps.  Part of that is structural as Windows 10 for ARM emulates x86 processors by repurposing  64 bit Windows 10’s support for x86 32 bit Win32 apps. Another part is however due to lack of a 64 bit SDK for ARM apps, as Microsoft’s native apps are already 64 bit ARM code.

Now it looks like Microsoft is set to solve the second part of the problem soon, as Engadget reports that Microsoft is set to release an SDK for ARM64 apps at the upcoming BUILD conference.

This will allow developers to natively compile 64-bit apps for ARM PCs which should render more applications compatible.

It will however not solve the 64 bit x86 app issue, meaning higher power apps on Windows will likely remain restricted for some time.