Paige and Microsoft to build the world’s largest image-based AI model to fight cancer

September 8, 2023
Microsoft Paige AI model to fight cancer

Paige is a pioneer in the world of cancer imaging and pathology. It has created some of the largest AI models for detecting and quantifying cancer in tissue biopsies. Paige developed the first Large Foundation Model using over one billion images from half a million pathology slides across multiple cancer types. Also, Paige has exclusive access to the world’s largest digital image library of cancer cases and associated genomic data from diverse sources. Yesterday, Paige announced partnership with Microsoft to build the world’s largest image-based AI model to fight cancer.

Through this partnership with Microsoft, Paige is developing a new AI model that is orders-of-magnitude larger than any other image-based AI model existing today, configured with billions of parameters. Paige will be using Azure’s infrastructure to train AI models based on up to four million digitized microscopy slides across multiple types of cancer.

Highlights of this partnership:

  • Microsoft will make a strategic investment in Paige to accelerate the development and deployment of life-saving AI diagnostics.
  • Paige will use Microsoft Azure as its cloud provider for the Paige Platform, a comprehensive solution to power a lab’s digital pathology workflow.
  • Paige will work with Microsoft Research on developing large scale machine learning models to push the boundaries of research in oncology and pathology.
  • Paige will work with Nuance, a Microsoft company, on integrating their offering with Nuance’s Precision Imaging Network.
  • Paige technology will be offered as a partner solution in Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, expanding access to cutting-edge digital cancer diagnostic tools.

“The application of technology to help clinicians and researchers further enhance patient care and, in many cases, provide life-saving treatment is a core tenet for Microsoft in health and life sciences,” said Tom McGuinness, corporate vice president, Global Healthcare & Life Sciences, Microsoft. “We look forward to further collaborating with Paige and giving Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare customers the ability to harness the power and promise of AI in digital pathology.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Microsoft to make AI cancer diagnostics accessible to countless laboratories and hospitals around the world as part of the digital transformation of pathology,” said Andy Moye, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer at Paige. “We believe that Microsoft’s world-class AI resources, cloud infrastructure, global reach and scale, combined with our deep expertise in developing AI cancer diagnostics, will drive a new era of diagnostics and precision treatment to improve the lives of patients.”

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