Over 40% Of Microsoft Azure Revenue Is Now From Startups And ISVs

October 20, 2014

Azure New Stats

Microsoft today announced that over 40% of the Windows Azure revenue is now from startups and ISVs. This is a great news for Microsoft as startups were only focusing on AWS for their cloud computing needs in the past few years. Microsoft also announced the new Azure Marketplace, an easy way for startups and ISVs to connect with enterprises and Azure customers everywhere so their innovative solutions can be deployed in just a few clicks. Also, they have announced CoreOS and Cloudera as their new partners in the Azure Marketplace.

With more than 40 percent of Azure revenue coming from startups and ISVs, the new Azure Marketplace will connect this important ecosystem with enterprise customers everywhere. Now Azure customers will be able to search for and deploy their favorite operating system, service or application with just a couple of clicks. Monday, two new partners join Docker Inc., Oracle and hundreds of others in the Azure Marketplace:

  •  Cloudera, a leader in enterprise analytics and data management, will be Azure certified by the end of 2014. This will provide a quick and easy way to deploy Cloudera Enterprise, connect to Microsoft Power BI and discover new insights, in minutes.

  • CoreOS, the popular container-based Linux operating system, is now available to all Azure customers. Customers can deploy CoreOS images directly from the Azure Marketplace starting Monday. This broadens Microsoft’s first-class support for Linux on Azure.

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