Outlook for Android will now show your meeting-related files and documents in the event description


15, 2019

Microsoft has pushed a new update to the Outlook app on Android. The new update brings an important new feature, and no bug fixes and performance improvements.

Taking the Outlook app to Version 4.0.88, the app makes it easier for you to find files and documents relevant to your meeting by making them appear in the event description. You can read the official changelog below.


New life hack… Files and documents relevant to your meeting will now appear in the event description so you always show up prepared.

In other news, Microsoft recently introduced Actional Messages to Outlook for Android. This feature allows a manager to easily approve or decline a leave approval email within the Outlook app. The company added another new feature, which enables you to confirm an invitation to a meeting without opening the Outlook app, you’ll be able to do that right from the push notification that appears on the lock screen of your Android smartphone.

You can download and install the Microsoft Outlook app on your Android smartphone from this link, or you can go to Google Play Store and check for updates.

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