Outlook.com Premium features arrive for Office 365 subscribers

October 30, 2017

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Microsoft is bringing the goodness of Outlook.com Premium to Office 365 subscribers. The company today announced that the premium features of Outlook.com are being rolled out to Office 365 Home and Personal subscribers using Outlook.com. Outlook.com Premium costs $49.99 per year, so the changes are going to great for existing Office 365 users.

The main feature of Outlook.com premium is the ad-free experience, which removes all the banner ads and other native ads from Outlook. Outlook.com Premium also comes with improved spam detection that is available to scan attachments using “sophisticated techniques” to detect harmful attachments, and it will be checking links for malware when you open links from an email as well. As part of Outlook Premium, Office 365 users will be getting 50GB of email storage and access to premium support.

Microsoft has already started rolling the update out to all Office 365 users, but the rollout will take around a month to finish, so you probably won’t get to enjoy the new ad-free experience right away.

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