Optimizations brings Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox closer

by Surur
May 29, 2021
f15 flight simulator Xbox One

Last year Microsoft announced that Microsoft Flight Simulator would be coming to the Xbox Series this Summer but given the hefty resource requirements of the game, this seemed somewhat unrealistic.

Before yesterday’s announcement the game required 170+GB for its initial download, excluding DLC, but the developer, Asobo Studio has announced it has “performed some optimisation for the initial full download” so that initial requirement is now only 83GB, which is much more suitable for consoles.

The latest release notes also mention Xbox a number of times in the “documentation section”, including mentioning that the “latest info & best practices to port content on Xbox” has been compiled for add-on creators, and “a page with samples to illustrate model optimization has been added specifically for the Xbox.”

At present, the game is still be targeted for “Summer 2021” which is a rather wide window, but we expect to hear more at E3 2021. The game will land on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and so far we have not heard anything about an elusive Xbox One port.

In an interview with Eurogamer, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann explained the challenges:

“I guess it’s a timing thing. Obviously memory matters. Certainly, on Ultra settings, you need a big PC – well, that’s a lot, lot more memory than what you had on an Xbox One,” Neumann started.

“So it’s a journey, like most things, you know – let’s get the Xbox Series X and S versions done, and then we’ll look ahead after that. We never close doors, and there are other options, though it’s a little bit too early to talk about it.”

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