Microsoft to let you open web links from Teams on Edge side-by-side.

August 7, 2023

Microsoft says that they’re working on a feature that lets you open web links from teams on Edge, side-by-side.

As spotted on Microsoft 365 Roadmap site under Feature ID 126334 earlier, the “new chat experience” will basically allow users to open web links from Microsoft Teams chats in Microsoft Edge side-by-side with their Teams chats, with the Teams chats next in the Edge sidebar. 

For example, if a user is in a chat with a colleague and they need to share a web link, they can now simply click on the link in the chat and it will open in Microsoft Edge side-by-side with the chat. This will allow the user to continue the conversation in the chat while they are also viewing the web content.

When will Microsoft roll out the feature that lets you open web links from Teams in Edge side-by-side?

When will the feature be available? That’s the million-dollar question. Well, Microsoft promises that it is scheduled to start rolling out in September 2023 worldwide. It will be available to all users of Microsoft Teams on the web who are using Microsoft Edge through targeted release first, then general availability.

Speaking of Teams, there has been a lot of exciting updates coming in the pipeline. Not too long ago, we reported that Windows 11 chat app has been “rebranded” to Microsoft Teams (free). Effective since Windows 11 Preview Build 25921 took off in the Canary channel, the branding doesn’t exactly change its functionality.

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