Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S11 or as it might be called S20 along with Galaxy Fold 2 at an event in March of 2020. The new Galaxy S series will be replacing the current Galaxy S10 lineup and is rumoured to come with new features. Samsung is also rumoured to announce the new Galaxy Fold 2 at the event.

While we don’t know much about the Galaxy Fold 2 at the moment, the new leak from OneUI 2.0 update has shed some light on it. According to the stings found in the OneUI code, the Galaxy Fold 2 will come with 25W fast charging support and will allow for an optional 45W super-fast charging.

The stings also revealed a lot of information about the Galaxy S20’s camera setup. We have known for a while that Samsung is working on a major camera upgrade for Galaxy S20. According to the OneUI 2.0 code, Galaxy S20 will come with ‘Director’s View’ which will allow users to frame scenes or subjects and track them either automatically or manually.

Samsung is also working on ‘Single Take Photo’ mode which is an AI-assisted feature for clicking pictures or short clips. This feature could be similar to Google’s Photobooth mode which assists the user in clicking the picture.

Next up is granular control which would allow users to control various settings like Aperture, exposure, colour tone ISO, etc.

Lastly, Samsung is also working on improving the Bokeh mode. With the Galaxy S20, Samsung will introduce four new bokeh modes- Artify, Mono, Side Light, and Vintage.

Samsung is also introducing an Apple like feature to track the battery health which would help users replace the batteries on time and increase the life of the phone.

Source XDA Developers; Via Neowin