OnePlus accidentally sends out random notifications to users on Android Q Beta

If you are using a OnePlus device and got random notifications last night then you’re not alone. The company accidentally sent out a couple of notifications to OnePlus users who were using Android Q beta. OnePlus later accepted that the notifications were meant for internal testing and were accidentally sent out to the users.

According to the users, OnePlus sent out two notifications- one was a random message in Chinese that translated into hahahaha in English and the other was just random text. OnePlus later published a message on its forums confirming that the notifications were an accident and not a consequence of a hack.

We sincerely apologize for the two accidental notification push messages that some OnePlus 7 Pro users received 2 hours ago… The notification push function is designed mainly as a survey tool to help us better understand our users’ feedback and to further improve the user experience, and is based on the Google FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) Protocol. Therefore, we want to reassure that this incident does not indicate any risks for your personal data.

– OnePlus

The company also confirmed that they immediately started an investigation to identify the cause. They, then confirmed that it was just an accident made by the software team who were testing an unreleased Android Q beta.

The push messages occurred while the OxygenOS team was conducting a software test for the upcoming Android Q system update. Due to an error during the testing process, we accidentally pushed a routine test message to some of our OnePlus 7 Pro OxygenOS users.

– OnePlus

The company ended the statement by assuring that the mistake won’t happen in the future and that they have installed measures in place to prevent this from happening again.

We are immediately implementing new processes to ensure this cannot happen again.

– OnePlus

Source OnePlus; Via XDA Developers