OneNote for Android: 7 features that will be of excellent use to quickly write notes down on your phone

August 21, 2023
OneNote for Android

OneNote for Android has 7 new features, and they will greatly improve the experience of quickly having to note down things to remember on your phone. The features will also allow you to quickly edit your notes with a refreshed look that will allow you to capture your notes at the speed of your thoughts, Microsoft says.

OneNote for Android: what’s new

  1. Command Bar optimization – Checklists, bullet lists, and text formatting will be available to you when you open OneNote for Android; but more than that, this feature will remember the features that you use the most, and it will put an emphasis on them.
  2. Additional capture modalities (using ‘+’ icon) – You’ll be able to capture your notes much faster, and on more different formats. By using the + icon, you’ll be able to put links, attachments, voice memos, texts, images, and videos in one note.
  3. Real-time note sharing – OneNote for Android will now allow you to apply a page style, file the note to a different notebook, add the note to your home screen, delete, and share your note in real-time, enhancing collaboration and even sharing knowledge.
  4. Insert shapes in ink mode – By tapping the + icon, you’ll be able to switch to ink mode.
  5. Insert tables – You’ll now be able to add a table to your notes, by clicking on the icon on your contextual command bar. You can also customize your table.
  6. Update font color and style – OneNote for Android will make it possible for you to customize your notes according to your liking.
  7. Update page color and style – You’ll be able to select the perfect hue to set the mood or choose from rule lines to enhance the structure of your notes.

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