OneNote app on Windows debuts on the Microsoft Store

October 27, 2022

Microsoft has just made it easier for users to download the right OneNote app for their Windows devices. The Redmond tech has officially released the OneNote app on Windows on the Microsoft Store, making it easier for PC users to find and install the free note-taking app. This is not a new app — it is the same OneNote app that you download from the official Microsoft website for free.

Microsoft is also pulling the OneNote for Windows 10 app from Microsoft Store, though if you have it installed on your PC, the app will continue to work. However, Windows 10 users will no longer get any feature updates for the OneNote app, which will reach end-of-support in October 2025. The company wants to consolidate OneNote for Windows 10 and OneNote app on Windows into one single app in the future.

Since OneNote for Windows 10 will not get any new features from now on, it is better to switch to OneNote on Windows. However, the former will not replace the OneNote Windows 10 app. However, you can uninstall the Windows 10 app after successfully installing the OneNote app on Windows. You can also keep both if you want to. But in that case, you have to choose the default version of OneNote from the Settings page.

If you have already downloaded and installed the OneNote app on Windows from the official Microsoft website, Microsoft Store will still give you the option to download it, even though both are the same. Microsoft has acknowledged that this is a bug, and they are working on fixing it.

If you can not figure out which OneNote app you are currently using on your PC, Microsoft has provided a short trick to help you out.

Open the OneNote app and check if you have the “File” menu. If you have this menu, then you are using the OneNote app on Windows. Otherwise, you are using OneNote for Windows 10 and you should also see “OneNote for Windows 10” on the title bar.

Which OneNote app do you love to use and why? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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