Microsoft has announced the three new features they are releasing to OneDrive users this month as part of their roadmap.

Announced as part of their November 2019 update, the list includes:

  • Save for Later
  • Request files
  • Language localization for OneDrive emails

See the features in more detail below:

Save for Later

With this feature, you will now be able to bookmark files and folders across OneDrive and SharePoint for later access. You will see an aggregate of everything you have saved in the “Saved for later “ section in your OneDrive making it easy for you to quickly get back to content from your OneDrive or a shared library. 


Request Files

Microsft is rolling out a new “Request Files” functionality where you can create special links to request files from others. With OneDrive Request Files anyone with the file request link will be able to upload files without having to sign in, no OneDrive account required. Best of all, uploaders will only be able to upload files. They can’t view, edit, or even see who else may have uploaded to the request.

There are multiple use cases where this feature can be extremely valuable – consider “Request for Proposal” (RFP) scenario where you need to collect bids from others, or a marketing professional accumulating quotes from various vendors for a campaign, a teacher collecting assignments, a manager reaching out for feedback from his team members or a financial rep or recruiter gathering documents from their clients- just to name a few.

Request files.gifLanguage localization for OneDrive emails

Microsoft will now localize emails where possible to the preferred language of recipients as defined in their AAD and Exchange settings. In the case of multi-recipient emails the built-in logic will consume content and site languages to localize emails.

OneDrive is, of course, available for all major platforms, including Windows, iOS and Android and the Web and offers 5G of free storage and up to 6 TB of shared storage.

Via Neowin