OneDrive is getting a new share experience in Windows 10 and macOS

Microsoft is today announcing a new share experience for files on OneDrive today. The new share experience for OneDrive opens up more options for sharing to users in both Windows 10 and macOS. Right now, users only see a “Share a OneDrive link” when they want to share a file, and they don’t have any control over the shared file — for instance, you can’t control whether you want to allow editing of a file unless you open up OneDrive on a web browser.

With the new sharing experience, that’s no longer a problem. Microsoft will soon let you control if you want to allow editing of a file when you share it, and it’ll also let you share a file with specific people or a group which was a much-needed addition. The new share experience will be available on Windows 10, as well as older versions of Windows — but Mac users will also be able to try it out soon.

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