Office Insiders on Android are getting new text and array manipulation functions


8, 2022

Microsoft recently added new text and array manipulation functions to the latest Office Preview build for macOS. It is now bringing the same set of functions to Office Insiders on Android, helping you supercharge your spreadsheets. Office Version 16.0.15601.20000 for Android has 14 new text and array functions in Excel, including TEXTBEFORE, TEXTAFTER, TEXTSPLIT. The new array functions include EXPAND, TAKE, DROP, VSTACK, HSTACK, CHOOSEROWS, CHOOSECOLS, TOROW, TOCOL, WRAPROWS, and WRAPCOLS. You can learn more about these functions here if you are interested. You can also check out the complete official changelog below.


Office Version 16.0.15601.20000

All the features Microsoft introduced to Office Preview builds will eventually be available to the general public in the future. However, we cannot tell when they will be available. But they should not take a long time to arrive for the Office stable users since Office Insiders are testing them.

In other news related to Office for Mac, Microsoft recently introduced several new features for Office Insiders on Mac. PowerPoint users on Mac are getting a new Cameo feature that allows users to insert a live camera feed anywhere in their presentation. Microsoft also introduced a good set of fixes and improvements to the latest Office Preview build for Windows users.

If you’re not a part of the Office Insider program, you can join Office Insider for Android by following a few simple steps. You can click on this link for a step-by-step installation guide.

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