Microsoft to add Dark Theme to Office apps and Office Hub for Android


8, 2021

Microsoft is in the process of adding a Dark mode to all its apps and services across all platforms. The company is currently working on a Dark mode for Office apps and Office Hub for Android, according to famous reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi.

The reverse engineer has managed to get a glimpse of what the Dark mode will look like on Office apps and on Office Hub. He also shared some screenshots, giving us a closer look at the new look. From what we’re seeing in the screenshots, Microsoft will let users select between Light, Dark, and System Default, of which selecting the third option will respect your smartphone’s default theme.

However, the leaked screenshots also suggest that the document area isn’t dark when the Dark Mode is enabled, but the reverser engineer holds the view that, since the feature is currently in the development phase, Microsoft may address the issue before making the feature available for the general public.

Some of the popular Microsoft apps that already have support for Dark Theme are Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, SMS Organiser, and to name a few. And now with the Dark Mode coming to both Office apps and Office Hub app for Android, pretty much all the major Microsoft apps on Android can be labeled as apps that do support a Dark Mode.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear when Dark Mode for Office apps and Office Hub app will be available for every Android user. So, the best that we can do now is wait for the company to announce the general availability of the feature.

Meanwhile, you can download Microsoft Office apps and Office Hub app from the below link.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft 365 (Office)
Microsoft 365 (Office)
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