Obsidian will be announcing a new RPG on December 6th; might not be Xbox exclusive

November 28, 2018

Microsoft’s recent purchase of Obsidian Entertainment was a big win for the company, but their next game might not be exclusive to their new owner’s systems.

Announced by Obsidian and The Game Awards’ host Geoff Keighley, the RPG developer will be revealing a new game in the genre at the industry’s biggest awards show.

The announcement also came with the mention of publisher Private Division, previously known for their work on Kerbal Space Program. It’s weird that Microsoft won’t be publishing the game considering their recent purchase of the company, but it’s common knowledge that Obsidian has been working on a new IP for a few years now.

Another interesting tidbit comes with the announcements mention of WorldsWillChange, a hashtag previously thought to be associated with Alien: Blackout. While my dreams are now crushed, once again, other people may be getting exactly what they want.

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