NYPD credits Windows Phones with improved crime fighting, rapid response


Almost three months ago, we reported that Windows Phones were a huge success for the NYPD. Now, according to the new stats revealed by the NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Information Technology showed how Windows Phones  are helping the NYPD to fight crime everyday. The reported stated that about 7 thousand cops logged and clicked on more than 29 thousand 911 alerts on Tuesday. Using the Windows Phones, the NYPD also ran 26,000 queries regarding investigations and filed 300 accident reports on Tuesday.

According to Jessica Tisch, the NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Information Technology, Windows Phones “sharply cut the time it takes officers” to respond to emergency alerts and crime. She stated:

“In fact, in the first four and a half months of this year, response times to crimes in progress in New York City are down 12.6% — to lows not seen in over half a decade. We’re shaving over a minute off of these average response times. And, somewhat more impressively, for critical crimes in progress, we’re also down nearly 12% — to 4 minutes and 26 seconds, from just over 5 minutes at the same time last year.”

Windows Phones used by the NYPD also come with an app for 911 calls which apparently allow police officers to start their journey to a crime scene even before getting an alert from a dispatcher. According to Tisch, the app “completely changed” how the NYPD responds to 911 alerts:

“This app has completely changed the way we direct police resources to respond to 911 calls. Now, officers get all of the information about the jobs they have to respond to direct to their smartphones. No need any more to wait on a radio dispatcher to direct them to the job.”

It seems like Windows Phones have been a huge success for the NYPD. Even though Windows Phones aren’t quite popular in the consumer market, the devices may turn out to be really useful in scenarios like this.

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