Not all content in Netflix’s ad-supported plan will come with ads – report

August 22, 2022

Netflix’s upcoming ad-supported tier is being frowned upon by many. And while the plan sounds like every content on the platform will be accompanied by ads, a new report from Bloomberg indicates that some shows will be spared, including newer original titles and kids’ shows.

This new detail is not just good news for those considering the tier but also for the filmmakers worrying about the effects of the ads on their works. And while it remains unknown how long a new original title would remain ad-free within the tier, it seems content for kids will not experience ad interruptions the entire time they are being viewed. As for other studios against Netflix’s plan of inserting ads in between scenes, there is a chance that the streaming service will instead put the ads at the beginning and the end of the shows.

The plan to introduce the ad-supported tier came after the company revealed that it lost 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022. Reasons vary from economy to competition to account sharing. The company is also hoping to resolve the last issue by rolling out a test in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru markets. In the said locations, original account owners can use the “sub-account” feature to freeloaders outside their households and decide whether to keep the account connected to their own (and pay extra) or separate it in the future.

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