Nokia Talks About Its Product Packaging


30, 2013

Author Pradeep // in News

Nokia Packaging

When you consider physical retail shopping, product packaging plays a huge role in making the customer buy a product. Packaging allows a product to stand out from the crowd in retail shelves. Nokia currently makes and sells over 250 different products around the world with different kinds of packaging and their designs have changed over time.

Nokia today detailed about it in their official blog,

“We have a package that elevates product design, showing off a product in all its beauty. It looks great. When you walk into a store, or purchase one of our devices, and you buy a Nokia accessory, it looks like we’ve got our house in order.”

Nokia’s latest products are also a lot more environmentally friendly, building and innovating upon the company’s stringent policies. On average, the packaging for Nokia accessories has been reduced in size by around a third, and on Nokia level plastic materials have been cut down to less than 3 per cent. The fact that all the materials used are recyclable is particularly impressive

Read more about it from the link below.

Source: Nokia

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