Nokia Lumia 920 front facing camera and proximity sensor dust fix on the way?


There has been a growing swell of complaints about Nokia Lumia 920’s gathering dust under their front facing camera and more importantly the proximity sensor, which would then cause problems with detecting the phone next to your face, leading to all kinds of difficulties ranging from dropped calls to the inability to access phone menus.

Now we have had a tip from a reader suggesting Nokia has acknowledges the problem, and that there is a fix on the way.

According to Marco the issue is clearly a design flaw which Nokia is fixing in all future production by introducing a sheath placed around the front facing camera and proximity sensor to better insulate them from dust build-up.

The good news is that existing devices with this issue will also be able to take advantage of this solution by taking their device to a Nokia repair service.

Have any of our readers been offered this fix, and has it solved your issues? Let us know below.

Thanks Marco for the tip.