Nokia Lumia 900 Tops Amazon Sales Charts Despite Poor Show By AT&T



Nokia Lumia 900 was released yesterday in US exclusive to AT&T network. But the poor thing about Lumia 900 launch is that most of the AT&T stores were closed on that day and many stores didn’t have stock of the device. Even New York Times ran a story on how difficult it was to get a Lumia 900 device on the launch date.

Nokia PR’s response on via Twitter:

AT&T resets their stores on Sundays. Spring promotion begins tomorrow. And that’s why Lumia 900 hit today.

AT&T’s spokesman Mark Siegel on Lumia 900:

“The Lumia has received tremendous product reviews and we have been taking pre-orders online and in our stores all week. We are already off to the races.”

Despite the poor show by AT&T, Nokia Lumia 900 tops the Amazon Wireless sales charts. The black and Cyan versions of Nokia Lumia 900 are now on No.1 and No.5 positions respectively. I hope AT&T stores will promote and sell Nokia Lumia 900 in a good way from Monday.

Source: Amazon

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