After three months since first hearing about an upgrade, and four years since release, NieR:Automata is finally being patched on Steam to make it playable. 

Players have long since been modding NieR:Automata on Steam into an acceptable state, with performance and texture improvements throughout, but now this official patch should allow all players to enjoy the game no matter the platform.

The patch notes detail some of the sorely missed features which will finally be introduced into this PC release, with 4k UI textures, 60FPS cutscenes, HDR, and Global Illumination all being added into the mired release. 

After NieR:Automata launched onto Game Pass for PC four months ago fans became enraged, as the version released onto Game Pass was vastly improved, compared to the prior Steam release, thanks to a stellar port by QLOC. 

The Become As Gods Edition on Game Pass had upscaled textures, a borderless windowed mode, and smoother running all around which we shall hopefully now see on the Steam release, even if it has taken 3 months since it was initially promised. 

While there are not many specifics given about performance improvements, the patch notes, which you can read in full here, do at least promise that “the frame rate has been stabilized at 60FPS under default settings,” so hopefully it’ll be plenty buttery smooth.