Next gen Xbox Controller leaked through court documents, will feature direct to cloud, lift to wake and more

September 19, 2023
The new Xbox Controller leaked


A new court document has leaked Microsoft’s upcoming plans for Xbox business. Along with the details about the next gen Xbox console, all the details about the upcoming next gen Xbox Controller also got leaked. The new Xbox Controller codenamed SEBILE will come with several brand-new features like lift to wake, Direct-to-Cloud and more. Find the details below.

The new Xbox Controller will support Xbox Wireless 2, Direct-to-Cloud and Bluetooth 5.2, allowing gamers to connect and play variety of games everywhere. Also, the upcoming Xbox mobile app update will allow you to see paired devices, manage devices and accessories and more.

Microsoft also claims that this upcoming Xbox Controller will offer more immersive experiences through support for precision haptic, VCA haptics double that as speakers, support for accelerometer and quieter buttons & thumbsticks.

Microsoft has also made some huge improvements on the sustainability front. The new Xbox Controller will have rechargeable and swappable battery, will be using recycled materials and less resin. And finally, the new controller will be easy to repair and disassembly.

Microsoft has mentioned that the new Xbox Controller will be durable and reliable than ever, thanks to new modular thumbsticks, improved longevity and continued build improvements.

Right now, when you pick up a Xbox Controller, you have to press the Xbox button to switch it on. The next gen Xbox Controller will have Lift to wake feature that will automatically turn on the Controller when you pick it up.

Finally, the new Xbox Controller will have the same ergonomics as existing Xbox Controller. It will be featuring same layout & activation forces.


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