New Xbox message moderation will automatically censor offensive content


14, 2019

Microsoft is introducing a number of new automatic message moderation success to automatically censor offensive content.

Announced through a post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft will be introducing a new host of options to help players tweak their gaming experience.

Within your Xbox’s settings, players will soon be able to change their message filtration to a number of options. There’s friendly, medium, mature and unfiltered. Different filters ban different words accordingly.

Messages that get caught in the censorship filter will be blocked from view. If a message contains offensive words the message will instead say, “Potentially offensive message hidden.”

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“With content filtration, it’s essential that every player has the ability to choose their own filtration level, and that the settings work for gamers of all ages,”Xbox said.

“We recognise that while some adults use profanity without any ill intent while gaming, parents with small children likely won’t find this same experience acceptable. Similarly, there are differences between the everyday speech you’d use with your friends and harmful insults that could negatively impact anyone. With this in mind, we’ve ensured our safety settings are configurable along a spectrum from most filtered to least filtered so you can choose what is best for you.”

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