New Windows-native WhatsApp application now available on Microsoft Store

August 17, 2022
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Windows-native WhatsApp application on Microsoft Store
After a series of tests as a beta, the Windows-native WhatsApp application is now available for download on Microsoft Store.

A new WhatsApp application is here. And it is just any other WhatsApp application: it is now a native app on Windows. After a series of tests as a beta, it is now available for download on Microsoft Store. A macOS version of the app, on the other hand, is reportedly under development.

The biggest thing about the new standalone WhatsApp application is its ability to cater to accounts using your Windows PC. It means no longer using your phone to sustain the link of the account and receive and send messages to your contacts. Messages also stay end-to-end encrypted, and the overall UI of the app remains almost the same and familiar to all users. 

Given that the app is now native to Windows, PC users are expected to have a better experience, especially in speed. However, different reviews in the Store seem to show the opposite of what WhatsApp aims for in the Windows version of the app. Some of the common issues being faced by users include the update, login, launching, and more. With all of this, the instant messaging platform might need to consider urgent changes and improvements in the app.

On the other hand, while the multi-device feature is already available, we’re still waiting for it to be implemented on other hand-carry devices like phones and tablets. As of now, WhatsApp only allows the linking of computers to a user’s account. And admit it or not, it doesn’t spell “convenience” for everyone in this modern era where communication is always performed through smaller devices.

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