New Windows 10 Mobile concept adds Fluent Design

January 25, 2018

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Microsoft may have ditched Windows 10 Mobile, but its fans still have hope, no matter how far-fetched.

On Behance, this concept takes Windows 10 Mobile’s design and reimagines it with fluent design.

Fluent isn’t the only change here, the Cortana button is removed and replaced with an action centre button, which makes sense as Microsoft’ll be moving Cortana there anyway.

Of course, as Microsoft has stopped offering support for the operating system, users will be well aware that this concept, however beautiful, will remain just that.

The firm is reportedly working on a foldable device due to be delivered later this year, with a summer release being hypothesized, but the firm has yet to announce anything publicly. Like the Surface mini and McLaren, even the most advanced devices can be cancelled before release.

You can see the rest of the concept from Behance here. 

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