New Microsoft Edge Dev update adds new features and improvements

April 26, 2022
Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft has released an important update for the Microsoft Edge browser, adding a couple of useful features and other noteworthy changes. The update is available to Edge Dev users. The latest version of the Edge Dev has a build number 102.0.1235.1.

In the latest Microsoft Edge Dev Build, Microsoft has added a new “Tabs From Other Devices” option in the Tab Actions menu. As the name suggests, the new feature will give you easy access to all your tabs that are open on other devices. Indeed, it’s a far better way to access tabs than visiting the history page.

Aside from that, Microsoft has also enabled support for a management policy from Chromium. The ability to access open tabs from other devices and support for managements policy from Chromium will likely be available in the Stable version of the Edge browser in the coming days.

Moreover, Microsoft introduced many fixes and improvements to Microsoft Edge Build 102.0.1235.1. Some of these improvements include:

  • Fixes for the issue causing all tabs to crash with an error code:  FACILITY_VISUALCPP/ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND.
  • Fixes for an issue where the browser was crashing while sending feedback.
  • Fixes for an issue where WebView2 apps crash when setting User Data Folder Access options (Issue 2363).
  • Fixes for an issue causing a crash on Xbox when using Tab Search.
  • Improvement to how many types of tabs you can put to sleep.

Beyond these changes, the update also includes other fixes and improvements, which you can read on the official Microsoft website. Notably, the new Edge Dev Build also includes some known issues. You can read about those below.

Known issues

Edge Dev 102.0.1235.1. known issues

If you want to test these new features, You can download Microsoft Edge Dev here from the Official Microsoft Edge Insider website.

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