New Google Search ‘DVD Screensaver’ Easter Egg will have you waiting for a corner hit

by Surur
May 13, 2021
dvd screensaver google easter egg

In 2018 a twitch stream of the DVD logo bouncing around the screen attracted hundreds of thousands of people, waiting for the elusive corner hit that happens in less than 2% of collisions.

Today Google brought a bit of that ‘watch paint dry’ magic to the web, with a new Google Search Easter Egg.

If you search DVD Screensaver and wait a few seconds the Google logo will dislodge itself from the top left corner and start bouncing around the screen.

dvd screensaver google easter egg

Every time it hits a corner the colour will change between blue, red, yellow, and green, and the logo will continue bouncing around the screen until you leave the page.

Join the fun by checking out the Easter Egg here.

via 9to5google

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