New Google policy means Microsoft Launcher users are facing a hard choice



Google has updated its policy for Android apps which affects the apps that use SMS/Calling permissions and includes Microsoft Launcher. The new policy restricts the use of SMS/Call Logs by third-party apps on Android.

According to the new policy, apps will need to file a new declaration form and update the APK files to meet the new policies. Microsoft recently released a new update for Microsoft Launcher and with it the company also updated the backend of the app to meet the new guidelines. However, these new guidelines might hurt Microsoft as Google will no longer allow two different assistants to run on Android. What this means is that users can’t have both Cortana and Google Assistant on their phones at the same time.

If you choose Microsoft Launcher as the default launcher, you will be asked to choose an Assistant as well which will be your default assistant. This will be an issue for people who prefer Google Assistant as Microsoft Launcher will no longer be able to manage calls and text messages. Users will need to select Cortana in order to allow Microsoft Launcher to get access to calls and text messages. Microsoft is currently sending a pop-up to all the users asking them to select Microsoft Launcher as default in order to use all the features.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information on the change right now and how it will affect the users as well as the app developers. If you’re interested then you can read Google’s document on the new changes for more information.

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