How to get the new File Explorer in Windows 11

June 8, 2023

New File Explorer in Windows 11 is here, and it seems like Microsoft is getting serious about it. Boasting the latest WinAppSDK ecosystem, the Home page of the new File Explorer is powered by WinUI 3. 

And, as we’ve spotted in the recent Windows 11 Build 23475 from the Dev channel — the same update that introduces native RGB support for a lot of Razor gaming keyboards & mice — Redmond officials introduce a modernized address bar and search box, designed to offer users a more intuitive and efficient navigation experience.

The upgraded address bar boasts advanced capabilities, including the ability to intelligently distinguish between local and cloud folders. With built-in status indicators, users can now easily identify whether a folder resides on their local device or in the cloud.

Plus, OneDrive now shows its sync status in the address bar, allowing users to quickly determine whether their files are up to date. Additionally, a quota flyout feature enables users to monitor their storage usage and conveniently manage their files accordingly.

The question is, can I get the new File Explorer in Windows 11 just yet? So far, Microsoft is only releasing these features to insiders in all channels and not yet to the general public, so our best bet is to join the Windows Insider program.

If you haven’t already, here’s how. 

How to get the new File Explorer in Windows 11

1 Open Settings ? Windows Update.

2 Click on Windows Insider Program.

3 Choose one of the four available channels depending on your need and level of understanding. 

4 Click Join.

Once you’ve joined and installed the latest build from any of the channels, a pizza logo will show up on top of your File Explorer screen, showing that you already are experiencing the WinAppSDK version.

These enhancements to File Explorer signify the tech giant’s ongoing commitment to improving its products and services. The modernized address bar and search box aim to simplify file navigation and provide users with a seamless experience as they access and organize their digital files.

Have you tried the new File Explorer in Windows 11?

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