3 awesome new features in Microsoft Forms

August 8, 2023
New features in Microsoft Forms

New features in Microsoft Forms are now out on the platform, according to Microsoft enthusiast, Mike Tholfsen, and these features will change the way you’ll use Forms from now on.

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For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft Forms is a Microsoft app designed for forms and quizzes, similar to Google Forms. You can use the app online, or together with the other Microsoft 365 apps, such as PowerPoint.

And speaking of PowerPoint, the new features in Microsoft Forms will allow you to efficiently use insert forms into PowerPoint presentations. This, and the other useful features coming right down below.

What are the new features in Microsoft Forms?

  1. The Present live feature – this feature will allow you to share your survey live on any screen.
  2. The Present live in PowerPoint Presentations feature – this feature will allow you to use the Present live feature in your PowerPoint presentations. This way, you can ask for opinions and feedback while you’re presenting.
  3. The Save and Edit responses feature – this feature is another important and useful trick coming to Microsoft Forms. You’ll be able to create Forms that can be edited even after participants submitted their opinions. If they have forgotten something or they simply have seconds thoughts after completing a form, now they will be able to edit their responses.

What do you think about them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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