Netmarketshare: Windows 10 might finally overtake Windows 7, while Edge continues to fall

Netmarketshare’s numbers for the month of November 2018 are out today, and Windows 10 continues to rise, hitting 38.14% of devices. However, this month saw a drop in Windows 7’s from 39.35% to 38.89% of the devices in use. Windows 10 might finally overtake Windows 7 as this month saw the difference between the two reduced to just 0.75%. This is certainly a good news for Microsoft as they try to encourage users to move to Windows 10.

Unfortunately, the scenario changes when it comes to web browsers. On the one hand, Microsoft might finally get a chance to celebrate Windows 10 overtaking Windows 7, but on the other hand, Edge continues to disappoint. According to the latest numbers, Google Chrome dropped to 65.57% from 66.43% which is not a big change but is noticeable. Also, Firefox dropped to 8.96% and Microsoft Edge saw a decline from 4.28% to 4.22%.

This month’s numbers might be good for Microsoft overall as Windows 10 is closing down on acquiring 50% of the market share but the company still needs to work on Microsoft Edge which is seeing a decline almost every month. On the contrary, Internet Explorer is doing well and has managed to maintain close to 10% of the market share.