MyTube for Windows 10 gains a full black theme

August 28, 2018

The MyTube team has pushed out an update to their apps for Windows users.

The YouTube client, which offer s Fluent Design, offline videos and a premium YouTube experience foe those who rely on Microsoft’s stores has now picked up two new features. The first is the new theme option which offers increased customisation, the next is the option to playback videos at 0.75x the speed for users who like slow motion.

Here’s the changelog below:


  • Added ‘Full Black/White’ theme
  • Added 0.75x playback rate#

Bug Fixes and enhancements

  •  Selected playback rate will now persist between videos
  • Videos submitted by the Room owner are now automatically accepted
  •  Fixed issue where the player controls constantly reappeared while the pointer was over them
  •  Added variable playback rate support to the web player
  • Video lists are no longer refreshed every 45 minutes during the app’s routine account access-token refreshes
  • Fixed crash when trying to save a video without an internet connection
  •  (PC & Mobile) Fixed issue where using fullscreen comments resulted in a black layer over the video
  •  (PC & Mobile) Added ‘Copy link’ and ‘Pin’ context menu item to playlist and channel thumbnails
  • (PC) Added setting for what gets added to Timeline
  • (November 2015 Update) Fixed crash when background audio finished while on the video page
  • (November 2015 Update and Xbox) Fixed issue where private playlists didn’t work in the background
  • (Xbox) Video details now aligned to the top of the frame rather than the center when too small to fill the space

MyTube can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store link below.

Source: MyTube, AppRaisin Via WinCentral.

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