MSN News and Weather respectively gain chaseable live tiles and transparent tile support for Windows 10

November 22, 2016

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Microsoft has pushed out another update to the MSN News and MSN Weather apps for Windows 10.

The update adds new support for chasable live tiles and transparent tiles which were introduced in the Windows Insider apps about a week ago.

MSN News gets chasable live tiles, which allows users to click on the app tile and get the story showing on the live tile displayed in a prominent position on the app. For instance, if one were to see a story on “beans imports”, and then click on the tile, when the app opens, users should see the “beans imports” story displayed prominently somewhere on the home screen. Our Windows phone app also showcases similar behaviour.

The MSN Weather app for its part now supports transparent tiles, I’m not certain if this is supposed to support Chaseable live tiles as well, but in theory if it did, it should also display the last location which showed up on your live tile in a prominent position once you opened the app.

To reiterate, MSN News gets Chasable live tiles, MSN Weather gets transparent live tiles.

The apps also pick up generic improvements with “Live Tiles” and easier navigation between slideshows. Of course, the usual bug fixes and improvements are present as well.

Here’s the changelog via the Windows Store (both are the same):

In this update:

  • Live Tile reliability improvements –
  • Easily navigate from slideshow to slideshow
  •  Performance, reliability and accessibility improvements –
  • General bug fixes

You can update the app from the store links below and let us know what you think in the comments below:

MSN Wetter
MSN Wetter
Price: Free
MSN Wetter
MSN Wetter
Price: Free

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